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Chapter 16

A Guide to Gifted Programs and Services

The Warwick School District provides a differentiated curriculum to meet the unique needs of our students identified as eligible for gifted supports in grades K-12. The gifted programs, in compliance with state law,  presents diverse, high-quality opportunities for these students and recognizes the benefit of interaction with their intellectual peers.


The Warwick School District provides an education for students identified as eligible for gifted services which enables them to participate in acceleration and/or enrichment programs and to receive services according to their intellectual and academic abilities and needs.


The mission of the district’s gifted support program is to provide a learning environment which encourages initiative, research, problem-solving and creativity so that students will gain a sense of personal responsibility to self, school, and a changing society.

Screening and Evaluation Procedures


Warwick screens all children for eligibility for gifted services in grade 2.  Parents with questions on this process or results can contact the school psychologist assigned to their building.  

In addition, any child thought to be eligible for gifted services K-12 should be referred to the school psychologist.  Referrals can come from parents or school team members.  Students are then screened based on a two-tier evaluation process. If your child is suspected to qualify for gifted services, you will be notified of screening and evaluation procedures. Requests for screening and evaluation should be made to your child’s building principal.  

The Warwick School District complies with state mandates in Chapter 16 of the Pennsylvania School Code.  Students are identified individually based on guidelines and regulations embodied under Chapter 16, and those students who perform in the very superior range on measures of cognitive ability and meet other district established criteria indicating gifted ability may receive services.


Definitions for Gifted Student and Mentally Gifted  as outlined in the School Code:


Gifted Student:

  • A student who is exceptional under section 1371 of the School Code (24 P. S. §  13-1371) because the student meets the definition of ‘‘mentally gifted’’ in this section, and needs specially designed instruction (relating to academic standards and assessment).

  • The term applies only to students who are of “school age” as defined under §  11.12 (relating to school age).


Mentally Gifted:  

  • Outstanding intellectual and creative ability the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program

Program Descriptions

Elementary Level

The goal of the elementary gifted services model is to meet the needs of students identified as needing gifted services by providing an appropriate education above and beyond the general education classroom. Warwick School District’s Elementary Gifted Program is called LEAP, which stands for Learning Enrichment Activities Program.  Providing a differentiated curriculum for gifted students in grades K-6, LEAP is a program available in all elementary schools within the district.

The four learning areas of the elementary gifted program are:

  • Research Skills including: locating, organizing, utilizing, identifying, and presenting information.

  • Creative Thinking Skills including:brainstorming, originality, fluency, flexibility, and elaboration.

  • Critical Thinking Skills including: inductive and deductive reasoning, problem-solving and conducting investigations, and inquiries.

  • Social and Communication Skills including: self-understanding, leadership, group interaction, and coping strategies.

Students may also participate in the school-wide enrichment model within the general education program. The goal of the school-wide enrichment model is to provide supports and services to all students that encourage teams of students to create cross-curricular projects.

Middle School Level

The goal of the Middle School gifted program is to provide opportunities for students to explore areas of potential interest that otherwise are not available within the general curriculum. Students are challenged intellectually, creatively, and emotionally while discovering that growth and achievement require strong values and a solid work ethic.


Students identified as in need of gifted services may select to take the MS Gifted class two or more periods per six day cycle in place of one or more enrichment classes.  Students explore a variety of potential interest areas and develop creative, critical thinking and social skills. In 8th grade, students spend much of the MS gifted class time pursuing a year-long project or two semester-long independent projects. These individualized, advanced projects provide an opportunity for students to delve into specialized areas of interest while learning research and organizational skills. Some students choose to incorporate job shadowing into their project plan and explore career interests for a day in a real work setting.


MS Gifted Activities include:

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Student Enrichment Seminars

  • Guest Speakers

  • Independent study options through the MS gifted class

  • VEX and LEGO Robotics

  • Claymation

  • National History Day Competition

  • Future City Competition

  • Student Blogging

High School

The Warwick High School Gifted Program allows for the unique diversity and range of talents that students have begun to develop by the high school level. Academically, there are challenges in all grade levels in all disciplines. Additionally, the Gifted program presents a number of enrichment and career exploration opportunities.

  • Secondary Enrichment Experience (SEE), a series of one-day, hands-on enrichment activities exploring topics that range from archaeology and criminal investigation techniques to history studies, journalism, math and art connections, and the theatre.

  • Lunch-time seminars on a variety of topics.  Students hear speakers and explore options for now and post-high school.

  • Career explorations through a mentorship program, learning one-on-one with experts in a field.

  • Independent study options through the Advanced Seminar course.

  • Study skills and organizational help if the need exists.

  • Opportunities to connect with intellectual peers.


The Gifted program is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore all the “directions” in which they wish to go.

For further information on gifted screening, evaluations, or programming, please contact the building principal.