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Warwick Scholars

Warwick Scholars

The Warwick Scholars program, sponsored by the Warwick Board of School Directors, was held May 18, 2009 in the high school performing arts center. The program honors students in grades six, eight, eleven, and twelve who demonstrate diligence and a keen desire for success and academic excellence.

Student Scholars for sixth grade include: Amanda Graber, Elizabeth Hauck, Brittany Olenick, and Jesse Whiteman (John Beck Elementary); Meg Barr, Abigail Bomber, Brogan Galbrath, and Tatiana Stauffer (John R. Bonfield Elementary); Rachel Boyer, Madelyn Class, David Krak, and Michael Perezous (Kissel Hill Elelementary); Andre' Cedeno, Sharon Christner, Sarah Sandkuhler, and Connor Spangenburg (Lititz Elementary).

Student Scholars for eighth grade include: Lydia Wingert, Colby Weit, Greta Weidemoyer, Benjamin Mueller, Christopher Wentzel, Alexandra Robinson, Marlinda Hertzog, Chloe Eberly, Tyler Minnich, Kaylyn Rosado, Andrew Beck, Sarah Pennebaker, Kristi Spotts, Jaclyn Sands, and Daniel O'Conor.

Student Scholars for eleventh grade include: Megan Krak, Alyssa Grube, Brett Bosis, Dean Weaver, Aaron Black, Samantha Derr, April Harris, Danielle Noll, Brett Rodgers, Christopher Hickey, Angela Rogers, Craig Achey, Melissa Walters, and Natalie Rothenberger.

Twelfth Grade Career and Technology Center Scholar includes: Tinishia Federer.

Second time recipients of the scholars award include: Greta Weidemoyer, Benjamin Mueller, Chloe Eberly, Daniel O'Conor, Megan Krak, Brett Rodgers, and Melissa Walters.

Third time recipients of the scholars award include: Alyssa Grube and Natalie Rothenberger.

Congratulations to our WARWICK SCHOLARS!