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Today, Warwick School District was notified that a district parent received a scam phone call early this morning soliciting money for her child’s school lunch account. This was the third time she had received such a phone call.


Please note: The Warwick School District does NOT contact families by automated phone alerts to solicit money when your child’s lunch accounts are low. We would NEVER ask you to deposit funds with a credit card number over the phone for a lunch account. If you ever receive a phone call like this, it is a SCAM and it should be immediately reported to the local police. 


The only contact Warwick School District Food & Nutrition Department has with families regarding school lunch balances is through an email the customer sets up.


Please be aware that this type of phone deception exists. Do not fall prey to any kind of phone school lunch solicitation from your child’s school – they are SCAMS – designed to deceive you.


If you ever question the authenticity of a "supposed" district-related phone call, you may always contact the Warwick School District at (717) 626-3734. Thank you.