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 Current events for the 3rd marking period

ALL CLASSES: For the 3rd quarter, I am assigning, instead of the current events, video clips (on Moodle) to be viewed and commented on. You can use the Current Events papers, and follow the same format: a summary of the video clip that contains at least 3 sentences and fills the space given on the paper. You will view and comment on 6 video clips (=3 pages = 45 points). These will be due the same day as the extra credit current events: Friday, March 28, 2014.

You may continue to use these articles for extra credit. 

This is NOT a current event, but is cool science: This website shows the winds of the world. 


Dogs' brain scans reveal vocal responses

A 'smoking gun' on Ice Age megafauna extinctions

The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER


World's First Magma-Enhanced Geothermal System Created in Iceland

Study: New Madrid fault zone alive and active

Archaeologists find remains of previously unknown pharaoh in Egypt

Nearby supernova dazzles astronomers

Differences in Mammal Responses to Climate Change Demonstrated

Salamanders Help Predict Health of Forest Ecosystems, Inform Forest Management

Polar Bear Diet Changes as Sea Ice Melts

Water vapor plumes raise question about life on dwarf planet Ceres

Video: Has the sun gone to sleep? BBC News

Universe measured to 1% accuracy

Fish oil extracted from plant seeds

New Hollywood Fault Map Curbs Development in Hollywood, WeHo, Los Feliz

The Science Behind the Polar Vortex


Retrieving An Asteroid

Data shows dramatically less, not more, extreme weather in 2013

The Hunt For Meteorites Begins In Antarctica

Grizzlies an issue as Endangered Species Act turns 40

Organic Material Found Trapped in Ancient Meteorite-Formed Glass

Pine Plantations Provide Optimum Conditions for Natural Forests to Develop Underneath Them

Exoplanet Habitable Zone Around Sunlike Stars Bigger Than Thought

Arctic Cyclones More Common Than Previously Thought

Note: in this context, "cyclones" do not refer to a hurricane, but rather to a typical storm system. 

Astronomers Solve Temperature Mystery of Planetary Atmospheres


New Evidence for Assessing Tsunami Risk from Very Large Volcanic Island Landslides

Rising Mountains Dried out Central Asia

Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal'

Dinosaur asteroid 'sent life to Mars'

Supervolcanoes Discovered in Utah

Did Volcano on Mercury Erupt for a Billion Years?

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