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Please feel free to browse my webpage. However, I will be out on maternity leave until the end of the first marking period. I am looking forward to meeting you then!

7th grade is a time to explore the various media, subjects and elements of art. I am excited to share my experiences and knowledge about art with my students and enjoy seeing the visual responses that each student has to a project assignment. My goal is to help each student enjoy the journey of making art and to be proud of a final piece of artwork. 
This year we will be exploring the art world by experimenting with different Art Media, or tools. We will use pencil, ink, colored pencil, paint, pastels and the computer to develop and complete works of art. We will be taking a close look at the Art Elements (Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Form, Value and Space) and the Principles of Design (Unity, Emphasis, Variety, Balance, Composition, Proportion, Movement and Rhythm) to create amazing pieces of art.  We will practice thinking creatively and sharpening our craftsmanship in order to develop an impecable visual portfolio!

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