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PSSA Practice 2

Question 1: What is the value of (5 + 3)2 + (5 - 3)2?

Question 2: What is the value of the expression: 22 - 32 + 42

Question 3: Which group does not contain equivalent fractions, decimals and percents?

Question 4: Find the square root of 3244?

Question 5: Calculate the expression (|x - 3| + 5|x|) if x = -1.

Question 6: The cost of taxi trips versus distance is shown in the graph below. What is the cost of a 1.5km trip?

Question 7: The right triangle in the figure below has AC = 13 and BC = 5. What is the length of side AB?

Question 8: 3x2 - 4x + 12 = 9 is an:

Question 9: The medals won by United States, United Kingdom and Russia during a gymnastics competition are shown in the table below:
United States United Kingdom Russia
5 1 4
Out of the medals won by these three countries, what percentage of medals did the United States win?

Question 10: 24lb of flour are divided into 1/3lb portions. What is the number of 1/3lb portions?

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